Deaf researcher awarded for his work on the Kyoto Institute for the Deaf-Mute and Blind

April, 2012

Kinoshita Tomotake who is a regular member of the Japanese Architecture Society won the 2012 Encouragement Prize. He is Deaf and a part-time teacher at Japan College of Social Work.

This prize is given to the researcher who published the outstanding paper, etc. during recent years with the originality, a new perspective, and possibilities about construction.

Fumitake wrote the paper on the space composition and the educational program of the Kyoto Institute for the Deaf-Mute and Blind in January, 2010 from related data, such as an architectural design drawing of the Institute in 1870's.

The Society describes about his work as follows.

His effort to explore the early construction plan of the Institute which has been hardly studied is highly valued as a historic research.

Although there is little doubt now about separated education programs for the Deaf and Blind, this research proves that it is not necessarily an obvious and natural premise.

Furthermore, the Society expects that the recipient will research more on the present "reorganization/composite" issue of the education of persons with disabilities.

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