Deaf high school student to join the World Deaf Table Ball Championships

Reio practices hard towards the World Championships.

April 24, 2012

Nishimoto Reio (17), a high school student of the Hiroshima School for the Deaf in Hiroshima Prefecture, will participate as a national team member in the World Deaf Table Ball Championships, which will be held in Tokyo on April 29 - May 6.

It is the first time in 43 years that a high school student was selected to the national team, which is composed of eight members, four men and women each.

Reio is devoted to the last adjustment, saying "I want to see how far my skill will be accepted on the world."

Reio played table tennis at the national Deaf sports meet in Aichi Prefecture in September, 2011. He won the 3rd place at the men singles which about 110 players competed, with the smash from backhand. He was selected to the national team.

When he was a fifth grader, he became interested in table tennis after his teacher invited him to play. Since his junior high school days, he has belonged to the table tennis club. He has also practiced at the local club.

Reio has entered for singles, doubles, mixed doubles, and possibly as a team at the world competition in Tokyo.

"Although I am excited about the international game which is the first time for me, I am also nervous. I will do my best to win all the games. I would continue challenging the world from now on."

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