City planning ordinance for accessibility in Hyogo Prefecture revised

March 29, 2012

In order to deal with rapid aging and to advance a barrier-free environment, Hyogo Prefecture revised the "City Planning Ordinance of Welfare" in December, 2010, which will be applied for a public facility, a large-scaled store, a hotel, etc.

The prefecture also began a system to recognize the institution checked from a point of view by persons with disabilities in the maintenance stage based on the revised ordinance.

The prefecture recognized the bank in Kawanishi City recently which carries out business in an accessible way to the person with disabilities for the first time. It will plan to increase institutions to be recognized and to promote the accessible environment to everyone from now on.

The bank is the Mizuho Bank Kawanishi Branch newly opened in August, 2011. It studied a barrier-free environment from the start, installed the automatic teller machine (ATM) for the person with wheelchair, and prepared the board for the Deaf/hard of hearing customers to communicate with the clerk.

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