Ashoka: Innovators for the Public supports sign language dictionary project

March 27, 2012

U.S. Asoka which supports the social entrepreneur who solves a social problem announced the first Japanese candidate in Japan.

OKI Junto, 24, of the ShuR Group who was selected is beginning to tackle the enterprise which puts the animation of sign language in a database. He declared that he would aim at developing a "Wikipedia on sign language."

U.S. Asoka highly evaluated his project; he established the first online sign language dictionary called "Slinto" in the world. This dictionary is due to dealing with 126 languages around the world.

If the person who do not understand sign language looks at and inputs a motion of those who use sign language, he will understood what it is spoken.

With Slinto, a word and sign language can be searched easily or the Japanese Sign Language can be directly translated into  a foreign sign language.

Japanese original article:

ShuR Group official site (English):

Slinto dictionary:

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