Taxi driver arrested for holding Deaf woman on street

March 5, 2012

The Metropolitan Police Department arrested Kamisaka Hitoshi (47), a taxi driver from Adachi-ku, Tokyo for a violation of the Tokyo public nuisance prevention ordinance. He was suspected that he flung his arms around a woman's body.

According to the police, Hitoshi refuses to admit, saying that he only hugged the woman in order to encourage her. He also denies that his body did not stuck hers," etc.

The Deaf unemployed woman (24) was hugged on the street around 23:30 in Adachi-ku after the suspect showed her a note that he wrote, "You are sweet. Where are you going?"  on January 1, this year.

According to the police, she took the taxi which the suspect drives and communicated with him by writing. After she got off, the driver also came down, which caused a criminal act.

Immediately after the incident, the woman returned home and consulted with her father, who did the emergency call.

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