Penal servitude of eight years to doctor for fraud of the pension by hearing loss camouflage

March 19, 2012

Maeda Yoshiaki (77), an ENT doctor,  was sued for a disability pension fraud case under pretense of hearing loss. He forged the diagnosis for 42 patients and stole about 168 million yen from the Social Insurance Agency (present Japan Pension Service).

The Sapporo District Court in Sapporo, Hokkaido ordered the defendant Maeda to get imprisonment with hard labor for eight years (against penalty demand for 15 years) for his crimes, such as fraud and drafting of a false medical certificate, on March 19.

According to the court, the defendant Maeda conspired with other defendant Koda Kiyoshi (70), a public consultant on social and labor insurance. Koda was ordered penal servitude for eight years at the first trial and appealed.

Maeda drew up the false diagnosis for 42 persons in December, 2002 until August, 2007, and Koda applied for pension benefits.

It was the point at the case whether the defendant Maeda recognized that a patient could hear. The prosecutors claimed from the fact that during medical examination Maeda talked with the patients as usual, and that he climbed a mountain together with them, "Maeda recognized that they were hearing."

The defense counsel argued, "Maeda was deceived by these patients who behaved as if they were deaf."

A total of 22 patients prosecuted for the case were set as guilty.

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