Deaf student's design chosen for logo mark

Fujisawa shows the logo mark adopted as an umbrella brand.

March 01, 2012

The umbrella brand name and logo mark of the product, which a student of the special support school in Akita Prefecture made as a part of work study, were decided.

Fujisawa Tenshin, a high school student of the Akita prefecture school for the Deaf,  was honored for his design by the prefecture education board on February 29.

The umbrella brand is called the "Akita special support school work study products."
The logo mark combined the ear of rice which imagines Akita in the character showing vigor of the red triangle, which is arranged with the logo of "AKITA" and "work study products."

 The logo mark is used for packing of a product, and also utilized as a poster. etc.

In promoting of the manufacture activities for sale by the students of the prefecture schools, such as sewing articles and woodwork, and enhancing understanding of these schools, the education board has called for application.   

There were 56 works submitted from the outside and inside of the prefecture.

Fujisawa said, "I imagined and designed Akita. I would be happy if my design is used broadly for PR from now on."

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