Deaf schools to be closed due to low enrollment in Hokkaido

March 07, 2012

It turned out on March 6 that the Hokkaido Education Board is considering reorganization with a school for the deaf in Otaru and Kushiro respectively due to the fact that ten or less students are enrolled, in response to the general question at the Hokkaido assembly.

The board considers reorganization of Otaru School the Deaf with the Sapporo School for the Deaf, and Kushiro with the Obihiro, etc.

According to another news source, the board is saying that because Kushiro School for the Deaf is not in the distance from Obihiro, it may be reorganized with the Kushiro Special Support School for the Children with Disabilities, etc.

Both the schools for the deaf offer the program from kindergarten through junior high school levels. While the Otaru School enrolls ten students, the Kushiro School seven students. Since several years ago, less and less students have been enrolled every year at both the schools.

A Board official is saying, "the current condition that a grade with one student on an average is not proper as educational environment."

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