Deaf man who designs formal logo "TAPPY" for World Deaf Table Tennis Championships

Kashiwagi Yuzo (right) and Kato Masakiyo, president of the Japanese Table Tennis Association of the Deaf

March 07, 2012

The design, which the sea horse that symbolizes the Japanese Federation of the Deaf holds a racket, is an official logo. It is called "Tappy," filled with the wish that the friends in the world of peace and friendship should be promoted through table tennis.

It was designed by Kashiwagi Yuzo, a commercial designer from Morioka-shi, Iwate Prefecture. He graduated from the Iwate Prefecture Morioka School for the Deaf where he was a table tennis club member.

The emblems and image characters which he designed, such as a municipal emblem and a convention logo, are adopted almost all over the country.

The character logo used in the East Japan Deaf Open Table Tennis Convention held in Morioka-shi in 2007 is a prototype for the logo of the 2012 World Deaf Table Tennis Championships in Tokyo in April.

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