Deaf community asks for more sign language interpreters

March 12, 2012

A meeting to discuss the Deaf's life was held in Toyooka-shi, Hyogo Prefecture near Osaka on March 11.

It was held by the Tajima Center for the Deaf in the city which offers services related to counseling and employment assistance, etc. to call for support to the Deaf community. About 40 persons participated.

At the meeting, a male office worker who is Deaf, 41, said "Because of insufficiency of  sign language interpreters, our life has been inconvenient. Moreover even if I need a sign language interpreter, there are so many restrictions."

An unemployed Deaf woman, 62, said, "I cannot get support immediately in the cases, such as a sudden illness. Especially I am worried whether I can get help in my area at the time of a disaster."

The head of the center said, "When the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred one year ago, many Deaf persons fell victim. A Deaf person who is unable to get information on a disaster, etc. instantly needs to be supported. It is a step of support that I let you understand what disability means first."

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