City council member questions in sign language at the municipal assembly

March 22, 2012

Yokoi Yuichi, 46, a member of the city council asked using sign language at a meeting of the budget special committee of the Nara municipal assembly on March 21.

The municipal assembly secretariat personnel are saying, "We do not know any lawmaker using sign language at the meeting, although the sign language interpreter has been placed for the Deaf in the gallery."

As Yokoi wanted to support the Deaf/hard of hearing and to spread sign language, he took the basic sign language course from June, 2011 through January, this year.

When he asked a question related to the Deaf community, he talked a little slowly using the sign language.

Yokoi said that the number of cases that requested for a sign language interpreter in the city before the Deaf client went to a hospital increased to 399 in 2010 fiscal year from 204 in 2005.

He mentioned that a sign language interpreter has not been assigned to 4 public hospitals in the city, including the municipal Nara hospital, and requested the city to try hard to provide more sign language interpreters.

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