Airline flight attendant with a "sign language badge"

Okada explains a "sign language badge" in sign language by a door before leaving.

 March 25, 2012

Japan Airlines (JAL) began the system on March 25 which the flight attendant (CA) who uses sign language wears a "sign language badge".

Although there are about 100 CA(s) who use sign language in JAL, it was unable to know whether they can sign from the appearance. Moreover, unless a certain report could be made, CA has no means to judge whether a passenger requires signed communication.

When she was a high school student of the School for the Deaf/the University of Tsukuba, INOUE Ayaka (19) communicated with OKADA Atsuko who is CA in sign language aboard early May, 2010. She filled in the questionnaire, requesting that CA who signs should be visible, which was submitted to JAL.

The "sign language badge" has two kinds depending on skill levels; a "Sign Language" badge for those who passed the examination with level of less than the 4th), and the badge "Learning Sign Language" for those with the 5th level of sign language official examination.

Ayaka, currently a freshman at Tokyo Seitoku University, got in the flight again with Okada putting on a "sign language badge."  Ayaka said, "Since I  did not think that my request would come true, I am really glad."

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