Over thousand university students with disabilities enrolled due to more support

February 14, 2012

According to press release by the Japan Student Services Organization (JSSO) on February 14, it turned out that 10,236 students with disabilities are enrolled in universities, junior colleges, and technical colleges as of May, 2011,  and it was about twice in 2005 when the survey took place.

JSSO is analyzing it as "the actual condition of the students with disabilities grasped by these educational institutions progressed."

The schools which offer sign-language interpreting services, etc. increase in number, and more accessible to the students may be one of the reasons.

All of 1,206 national, public and private educational institutions replied to the survey. The schools that the students with disabilities currently attend went up to 67%.

Breakdown of the students with disabilities:
- 2,491 "physical impaired" students -- the largest number.
- 2,047 "sickly" students
- 1,556 "deaf/speech impediments"  
- 1,453 students diagnosed by the doctor as the "developmental disease" 
"Other" students including mental disorder is 1,838.

Fifty-two percent of 625 schools that provide services such as note-taking, translation into braille, etc. shows the sharp increase from 206 schools (21%) in the last survey in 2005, which 1001 schools responded enrolling 5,444 students with disabilities.

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