"Help" seals for Deaf/HoH disaster victims

The seal tells "I am Deaf. Help me with sign language or writing."

February 7, 2012

Since it was reported that the Deaf and hard of hearing victims were troubled at the time of disaster, or in the shelter in northeastern Japan, "Better Communication Society," an organization located in Tokyo that serves the Deaf/HoH, has made the "Help" seals to let surrounding people know that your are hearing loss at the time of a disaster.

The Society is appealing to administrations, companies, etc. for putting up the seals at shelters or the distribution in advance.

According to the result of survey by the Japanese Federation of the Deaf, the death tolls of Deaf/HoH persons were 17 due to the Great East Japan Earthquake last March.

Very few Deaf/HoH persons were able to know the tsunami warning before taking refuge since television was completely out because of electric power failure. There were many Deaf/HoH persons were pulled by the family or the neighbors to run away from the tsunami.

There are two kinds of card-size seal; the one that tells "I am Deaf. Help me with sign language or writing," and the other one for hearing volunteers, "Sign language or writing available." The seals adhere to a breast, an arm, etc.

Luminescence material is used so that these seals may be visible at night. Sunlight and an electric light are stored in them and emitted at a dark place for about 10 hours.

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