Deaf students visit Toyota Motor

Students work on the dream car design.

February 8, 2012

A group of 38 elementary school students in total, teachers and others from the Aichi Prefecture Okazaki School for the Deaf in Okazaki-shi and the Prefecture Chikusa School for the Deaf in Nagoya-shi were invited to the Toyota Motor head office in Toyota-shi in the prefecture on February 7.

The students have prepared two different copies of the design of "the dream car," which the Toyota designers engaged in manufacture of luxury car Lexus, etc. have brushed up.

The students colored the design on that day using pastel and a marker. Nine Toyota  designers taught them how to paint, and the graduates who works for Toyota also participated to help the students complete the work.

Another group of 36 children in total from the prefecture Toyohashi School for the Deaf in Toyohashi-shi, the Ichinomiya School for the Deaf in Ichinomiya shi, and the Shizuoka prefectural Hamamatsu School for the Deaf will be invited to the motor company on February 21, too.

Toyota has offered the program since 1973 as a social action project.

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