Coda artist works on street paining with children

Kado Hidehiko talks with children while drawing the canvas of corrugated cardboard on the street.

February 14, 2012

KADO Hidehiko, Coda and an illustrator from Nagasaki-shi in Nagasaki Prefecture, performed live painting on the street in the Hamamachi arcade on February 11, which was the third time for him.

When he was about 20 years old working in Nagasaki, he was involved in the live event by side which his friend sung in the arcade.

On the day past 20:00, families who learned that the canvas of the corrugated cardboard of about 3-meter x 5-meter size would be prepared in the road, and other families who passed by by chance, etc. participated in the event with crayons in hand.

When Hidehiko drew people, a bird, a giraffe, an elephant, a flower, etc., the children drew freely further on the cardboard, which the image of the drawn picture changed every moment as time passed.

While about 50 visitors watched, the corrugated cardboard art was completed after over 2 hours. The participants cut off the favorite illustration portion by the cutter, and brought it home.

The family who participated for the first time said with some excitement, "We were surprised to see our daughter draw the picture which we have never seen until now. We realized it is important to make a child have new experience."

Hidehiko mentions, "This live painting was unexpected continuation. If I draw a picture over the picture that the child next to me has drown, he seemed to be sad for a moment, but he drew again on my picture. Drawing together with children is great." He believes painting is a vital communication tool.

Hidehiko studied painting and design by himself, and has exhibited his works.

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