Yellow vests to be used for the Deaf at time of disaster

Chairman Kanao (right) explains how to use the vest to the participants. [photo:]

January 12, 2012

The Eastern Hiroshima Disaster Prevention Joint Council began to lend out a total of the 410 vests to 24 organizations concerned and others on January 11. The vests will be used by the Deaf residents and supporters in the four cities in eastern Hiroshima at the time of a disaster.

About 80 persons attended the loan ceremony held at Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture. Four organizations in the city received the vests.

The yellow vest is attached with reflective material. There are a word "Deaf" on the front and back of the vest to help the Deaf victim when asking for vital information or support.

Moreover, there is also another vest with the words "Supporter for the Deaf" to tell that sign language interpreting and note taking will be available.

A total of 580 copies of the two kinds of vests have been manufactured. The rest of the vests after the loan will be lent out to those who want. The council chairperson Kanao said, "there are some persons with disability who hesitate to ask for support. We hope the use of the vest will be helpful at the time of a disaster."

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