Political campaign for national election to broadcast with caption starting in 2013

January 10, 2012

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications made the policy which will broadcast of political views with caption for the Upper House election in 2013, to promote the political right of the Deaf.

The ministry believed that there are some Deaf persons who don't understand, even though sign-language interpreting has been already provided in a part of broadcasts of political views.

Since time is required for the preparation, the ministry will introduce the policy in the proportional representation election, and expand to other national election.

Broadcast of political views is carried out for the Diet (Parliament) election and the prefecture gubernatorial election required by the Public Offices Election Law.

Each political candidate of the national election and the gubernatorial election states the political view on television.

Currently the video with caption is accepted only if a political party uses their own for the Lower House election single-seat constituency.

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