Hearing actress appears as a Deaf girl in TV drama

January 5, 2012

The Mainichi Broadcasting Network 60th anniversary drama titled "A Bride's Father" about the deep bonds of a father and his daughter will be aired at 21:00 on January 8.

A young hearing actress KIJITANI Shihori acts the Deaf daughter Mine. She naturally performs in sign language which she has learned hard. "The scenario is impressive and all the scenes are meaningful. This work absolutely makes you feel sincere."

A man Satoshi who breeds the cow for bullfighting in a village in Niigata Prefecture has lost the wife early, and lives with his father and his only daughter Mine.

A marriage proposal to Mine turns into cancellation and she travels to Tokyo heart-brokenly. She meets a hearing boatman Maru, at Asakusa in the city. Maru learns sign language and tell her how he likes her.

A Deaf university student attended at all shootings as an adviser for Shihori about a Deaf perspectives in daily living.

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