Government to review disaster prevention guideline for persons with disabilities

January 30, 2012

On the issues of the persons with disabilities and elderly people who are unable to evacuate by themselves immediately at the time of disaster, the government, considering the impact of the Great East Japan Earthquake, decided to investigate of the actual situations of the disaster victims and to update the victim support guideline.

In the recent great earthquake, the mortality rate of persons with disabilities was high, and the disability organizations, etc. have pointed out that the conventional support guideline has not function effectively, asking for review of the guideline as well the public investigation on the victims.

The government aims at completing the project in March, 2013.

Cabinet Office appropriated the working expenses (45 million yen) on the evacuation measure promotion as the draft budget for fiscal 2012.

According to office disaster prevention officials, a part of the budget will be used to investigate how the victims lost their life, how the persons with disabilities evacuated, why they didn't evacuate if any, what they did during the evacuation, etc.

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