Fine arts vocational school offering overseas arts program to Deaf students in Tokyo

January 19, 2012

The "Oriental Art School", located in Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, has continued the philanthropy project since the summer vacation of 2002.

The school invites ten Deaf junior high school students in the city of Tokyo to experience fine arts overseas, for example, Britain, France, and China for about one week every year.

For the trip, the school staff also accompanies the group of Deaf students, visits the art museums and the historical buildings with the students, teach them how to sketch, and helps them sketch scenery.

The school held the arts work exhibition, such as landscapes which the former participants drew overseas, in September, last year.

A letter of thanks will be presented to the school from Tokyo Metropolitan Board of Education on January 30 as it evaluated that their program shows a new possibility with future for the Deaf students.

The Art School had a Deaf student enrolled once in the past, which was the cause for their activity. The principal had thought, "In spite of being Deaf, the student had the sharp sensitivity through the eyes. As a fine arts vocational school, we wanted to start something for those Deaf students with few chances to go abroad."

The Art School will continue carrying out the program. 

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