Deaf body boarder keeps challenge on

January 4, 2012

In December, 2010, HORI Yumie (38) was on the "body board" in Kujuukurihama in Ichinomiya-cho, Chiba Prefecture where the rough sea of midwinter rolls in.

She became deaf when she was two years old, overcoming the handicap: she was once ranked the 9th, the highest for a Japanese body boarder during the world tour in 2006.

Yumie, who has retired from the competition in 2009, currently practices again aiming at the International competition which will be held in Hawaii in February, 2012. She says, "I would not forget to challenge, staying as strong as possible."

While attending a vocational school without any future aim, Yumie was invited by a friend to enjoy the body board. "The sea is equal and brushes nobody off.  I will do my best in this world." She made a decision to become a professional.

She passed the second protest at the age of 29 in 2003, and made shining records with a series of world tours. She sent a letter to a hearing-aid maker "Rion", the product of which she has used, for the sponsor contract in 2006.

Yumie joined the game for persons with disabilities, but she had a strong will to compete at the regular game to "prove that I can do despite of deafness."

She lectures on the body board at a school for the Deaf and encourages the Deaf youth to challenge themselves. Because she wanted to also teach the danger in marine life, she acquired the qualification of "Life Savers" in 2011.

Yumie held an event in September, 2011 and plans to use the proceeds from the event for a "Happy Surf School" program at the beach in Chiba Prefecture that the children from Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, a part of the stricken area, will be invited to experience marine sports this July.

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