Sugimoto Marina prepares for the exhibition.

December 3, 2011

SUGIMOTO Marina (25), a Deaf resident of Meguro-ku, Tokyo, will open a personal exhibition on December 19-24 in Ginza, Chuo-ku. Her 3D art works dealing with the scenery and children she saw in the street corner is the focus of the event.

She has been devoted to work for one year with determination to express honestly "the exciting feeling" she felt in the town and to share the feeling with the visitor.

She attends the graduate course of the fine-arts molding vocational school in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, aiming at becoming an illustrator.

About 40 works will be exhibited this time. She made illustration drawing with the personal computer after doing the sketch with the pencil. Her works, influenced by the work of the pop artist James Rizzi of New York, are 3D and multistory art full of a feeling from the lively motion of the person, etc.

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