Singer talks about her Deaf son at event

Singer Imai Eriko and her son Raimu at the talk show in Saga Prefecture.

December 11, 2011

During the Human Rights Week on December 4-10, the "Human Rights Program" (sponsored by Saga Prefecture, etc.) took place in Saga Prefecture on December 10, and about 1000 people came.

At the talk show, IMAI Eriko (28), a member of the music group "SPEED," talked about her Deaf son Raimu, signing occasionally. She spoke the difficulty and the joy of child-rearing.

Raimu (7) joined her at the event. Eriko confessed how she had felt when he was born, saying, "I thought that I would stop singing since he didn't hear even if I sang."

However, Eriko started to learn sign language and watched his growth every day. "I came to think that he feels the song by seeing even if he cannot hear."

She concluded by saying, "I want Deaf people to spend every day with smile and think they can do somehow."

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