Interpreting coordinator faces difficulty at financial deficit

November 30, 2011

In Saga Prefecture the difficult situation to secure the full-time coordinator for interpreters continues because of lack of the funds. The prefecture budget allotment for the coordinating project entrusted to the prefecture association of the Deaf remains in a small amount.

Although the interpreting is indispensable at the lecture meeting, etc., the coordinator has been forced to be placed in an unstable status.

MINAMISATO Tomie (67), the present coordinator, works 9:00-17:00, dealing with requests for interpreter dispatch by a telephone or fax. She, who also interprets, has been supported by several members of the sign language circle. The number of dispatch in the last fiscal year amounted to 424.

According to the association of the Deaf, the basic allowance which Tomie receives is 120,000 yen per year. With other daily allowance, she earns about twenty yen in total. Her work might be likely described as a volunteer.

Because of financial difficulties, the prefecture funds only 388,000 yen, and Saga City provides also less than 1 million yen.

Tomie insists, "The working environment which can be committed by under exclusive contract as a coordinator is required when to recruit."

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