Five hearing students reported to prosecutor for vicious mischiefs to Deaf person

December 2, 2011

The Fukuroi City police in Sizuoka Prefecture sent the police report of the five boys attending the same junior high school to the prosecutor in the Hamamatsu branch, the District Public Prosecutor's Office, on November 30 on suspicion of theft and damage or destruction of a building.

The boys stole a total of five fire extinguishers in Fukuroi from August through October. Two of them burned the concrete block wall of the house in which the Deaf person lives by fireworks in August.

The boys had repeated the mischief called the "runaway ring," which one sounds the door bell of a house in the city and escapes, since June.

Since the light lit up and the people came outside whenever the boys pushed the door bell of the Deaf person's house, they liked to see the reaction as interesting.

The boys said that the Deaf person could not appeal against damage, either and that he was considered not to disclose it."

They later injected the fire extinguisher in the house from the open window, put fireworks on the concrete block wall, fire lit, pushed the door bell and escaped.

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