First medical examination for the Deaf starts in Saga Prefecture

The Deaf person (left) understands the nurse's medical question through interpreting (center).

November 30, 2011

Saga City in Saga Prefecture began the medical examination for the Deaf on November 30. The city has allotted the sign language interpreters in the prefecture medical association geriatric-diseases prevention center in the city for the oral consultation and a place for the medical check, etc.

The medical examination for the Deaf is the first trial in the prefecture. The note-taking service for a hearing loss person will be provided. The medical checkup will be carried out again on December 17. Prior reservation is required.

On the day, three sign language interpreters supported five Deaf clients. The oral consultation, such as "Do you want a dental medical checkup?", "What do you keeping in mind for health maintenance?", was interpreted.

A Deaf client was unaware of being called by the doctor for his/her turn until now, but this time the interpreter told the Deaf client when called. In the stomach cancer medical checkup, the radiological technologist directed the client how to move the body by gestures.

One of the client (80) said, "I didn't understand what I was supposed to do correctly only by the paper described about the medical checkup. I was happy that the interpreter helped me understand better this time. I think the city did a good job."

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