Deaf student wins the first prize at National Deaf School Art Contest

Ikeda Yuyo with his art work (photo:

December 16, 2011

The Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Prize (highest award) at the 16th National Deaf School Art Contest was awarded to IKEDA Yuyo's (14) for his work titled "The Big Tree."

Yuyo is a junior high school student of Eihime Prefecture Matsuyama School for the Deaf. To Ehime Prefecture it was the first time for the honor since 13 years ago.

The contest was sponsored by the Education and Welfare Association for the Deaf located in Tokyo.

Only one was selected from a total of 626 works submitted by the preschoolers through high school students from all over the country for the minister prize.

Yuyo's work was chosen also as the highest award of the section of junior high school and high school students (182 works in total).

He worked on the picture for about three months, an average of one hour or more every day, using watercolors of about 15 different colors and China ink to express the tree delicately and forcibly.

Yuyo received the certificate of merit from Councilor SANTO Akiko, president of the association, at the commendation ceremony in the school on December 16.

Yuyo explained, "I took pains to take out textures with a wooden fine trunk and was happy to win the highest prize."

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