Deaf mother files suit for city rejecting interpreting dispatch as "illegal"

December 5, 2011

The Deaf female office worker (40) of Takamatsu City, Kagawa Prefecture applied for sign-language interpreting dispatch to the city in June in order to attend the briefing session for the guardian at the vocational school which her eldest daughter wishes to enter.

The city dismissed her application on the grounds that a dispatch place was Tokyo, etc. in July. The woman submitted the formal complaint with the city in August, which was dismissed in October.

It was learned on December 4 that the woman
was going to file suit for the city making a decision against the constitution, deviating from discretion of administrative power which is illegal.

Related organizations including the Japanese Federation of the Deaf have decided the full support to the woman, saying "This is not the problem of Takamatsu but the problem which occurred from the systemic defect."

The "group that considers sign-language interpreting dispatch of Takamatsu" just launched held the meeting in Takamatsu and appealed for cooperation to about 80 persons who gathered on the same day.

In the meeting, top-class officials from the Japanese Federation of the Deaf, National Study Association on Interpreting Issues, and Japanese Association of Certified Interpreters were present.

The lawyer in charge reported about the defense counsel will be formed by 23 persons from Takamatsu, Okayama, Tokyo, etc. and file suit by the end of February next year."

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