Finnish Deaf rap artist holds free concert in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture

Signmark (central right) meets visitors after the concert.
November 29, 2011

Signmark (real name: Marko Vuoriheimo) of Finland, internationally known as a Deaf rap artist, held a free concert on November 28 in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture to support disaster victims including disabled persons. About 60 people participated in the event.

Europe Trade Minister Alexander Stove of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, who has visited the stricken area in Japan before the performance, greeted at the event.

He announced that there was a proposal from a Finnish corporation to contribute a Moomin Park in Sendai. Seventeen playground equipments in the form of Moomin characters will be presented.

Signmark introduced himself, saying, "Even if I was not able to hear, I had strong will to do music, and realized the dream."

He showed the message song with sign language. The participants enjoyed the music with good tempo, learning how to dance with it.

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