Deaf students perform first hip-hop dance in public

Students in practice

November 11, 2010

At the Hyogo Prefecture Himeji School for the Deaf located in Himeji City, 15 high school students are shedding sweat to practice the hip-hop dance.

Although they cannot fully catch music, they have learned how to dance through memorizing the every movement that the coach showed, with the full use of the the vision.

The students are enthusiastic in "heaping up the audience by fine performance" in the upcoming school cultural festival scheduled for November 19.

The high school has performed a play, the Japanese drum performance, etc. for the cultural festival every fall. The hip-hop dance as the first trial was added to the program, and the students began practice in April this year.

Prior to the cultural festival, the group of students made the public performance at the "31st Himeji welfare festival" in the park in Himeji City, making the audience excited with their dynamic performance on November 3.

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