Deaf persons trained as "trimmer" for dogs

October , 2011

Deaf persons are trained to become a "trimmer" for dogs in a facility that is managed by the Shiga Welfare Association of the Deaf.

Since the training was begun in April, 2007, regular customers who let their pet used for practice are increasing in number. It is said that ten dogs are groomed a day.

A trimmer not only does a cut, a shampoo, brushing, nail clippers, etc., but also  performs the healthy check of the skin, etc., and gives the customer a chart.

OGASAWARA Chizuru, who has instructed since  July, 2010, has a grooming history of 26 years. While teaching how to groom a dog, she learned sign language.

She says, "It isn't easy for Deaf trimmers  to deal with a pet that is sensitive to sound, but their work from hard training is very good."

A charge for pet grooming is abut 4000 yen depending on kinds of dog, and it has acquired popularity from the dog lovers.

Six persons are currently trained at the facility. One trainee has acquired qualification and found a job at the specialty store.

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