Consideration for Deaf person as a supplement lay judge

November 18, 2011

A Deaf person was chosen as a supplement lay judge for the first time in Naha District Court of Okinawa Prefecture for the lay judge trial held on November 15-17 in the District Court. He participated in trial through interpreting.

According to one of four interpreters concerned, since the arrangement was done in advance by the court, the public prosecutor, and the lawyer, trial and consultation progressed duly.  The Deaf lay judge also said that he could get through.

In court, proof by the crunched intelligible data and technical term was performed in trial as agreed by the prior arrangement. At the place of consultation, each lay judge was asked to speak at a time so that the interpreting might catch up, and the use of a white board and a memo, etc. were considered for the Deaf lay judge.

HIGA Tsuyoshi, a board member of the Okinawa Association of the Deaf, watched the trial and said that although it was probably based on the Deaf person's ability, it was good for him to understand by showing intelligible data at this time.

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