Coffee shop in Osaka City open for the Deaf social exchange

 November 2, 2011

The coffee shop "Deaf Cafe Easy Sign Language" located in Osaka City, where Deaf persons visit freely for a chat, is popular. The shop is managed by a non-profit organization called "Deaf Support Osaka" which has offered services including counseling, sign-language interpreting dispatch, etc.

Twenty or more people per day at the most visit the coffee shop. Some persons come even from distant places, such as Ehime Prefecture and Tokyo.

The "Deaf Cafe" was opened in 2006. Many Deaf persons were denied by the general coffee coffee shop owner, because their signed communication often disturbed other hearing customers. 

The "Deaf Support Osaka" staff decided opening "to provide the place in which Deaf  persons exchange daily living information freely." Now, there are some persons who visit the Deaf Cafe almost every day.

Hearing persons are also welcome. When ordering some food or drink, they must use pointing on the menu list. A sign language lesson is available for 500 yen during the opening hours. Works by a Deaf customer are also exhibited for sale in the shop.

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