Bandanna produced to support the Deaf at the time of disaster

The bandanna to be used by Deaf persons at the time of a disaster

October 28, 2011

Kumagaya-shi in Saitama Prefecture produced the bandanna for disaster relief of the Deaf.

Deaf person and those who sign show the bandanna to get support immediately from the surrounding person at the time of disasters, such as an earthquake.

The disaster radio broadcasting, etc. is not accessible to the Deaf. The disability of Deaf people is so invisible that it is hard to get help easily and their refuge may be overdue.

It is said that there was a request for a measure from the Deaf community in the city in response to an Great East Japan Earthquake.

Based on the donations from city financial institutions, the city manufactured the bandanna with cooperation of the Kumagaya Association of the Deaf and the Kumagaya sign language circle.

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