Temple to remember the DeafBlind child in Edo period

There is a story about the temple called Yuteiji in Osaka, established in 1755.

A boy was born to a rich merchant of Sakai, OYAMA Yakube, in the Edo period. But the baby was DeafBlind that made his parents wail.

They worried about the poor child's future, purchased land, and built magnificent residence.

Though they made the child enable to live carefree throughout life, the parents were not satisfied, thinking something missing.

They considered many things to make themselves satisfied, but there were no means to solve their trouble. So they visited Honganji Temple in Kyoto to consult.

The priest took over the child's education. He made the child grasp a Buddha statue first. Then wondering, the child stroked it with his fingers, and seemed to be happy.

After a while, the child found the mercy of Buddha for the first time, and felt joy from the bottom of his heart. Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of eight. How deep his parents' sorrow!

Getting the name "Yutei" for the child's Buddhist name, the parents prayed to Buddha for him everyday. The residence in which they lived while praying for the child's bliss became a temple.

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