Teacher wins prize at invention exhibition in Yamagata Prefecture

October 21, 2011

The 46th Yamagata invention exhibition is open on October 21-23 in Sakata City, which 240 works are exhibited. It is sponsored by the prefecture chapter of the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation, the prefecture, Mainichi Newspapers Yamagata branch office, etc.

A lot of the works, such as power generation, disaster prevention, ecology goods, etc., are seemingly affected by the Great East Japan Earthquakes on many young inventors; a "seismograph" which makes sound  or shines when shaken, a "disaster prevention best" with many pockets for drinks, a towel, valuables, etc.

KAMIO Tomoharu, a teacher of the Prefecture Yamagata School for the Deaf, invented a device for the Deaf students that changes the sound of the pistol into light when it is shot at the track and field. His work won the Governor prize in the category of the school staff.

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