Story of three men with disabilities in Edo period

SHIBATA Kyuo (1783-1839) from the merchant class was good at mentality in the late Edo period.

He explained the right path in an intelligible way introducing the example in daily life, taking advantage of his own experience as a professional storyteller.

However, from around 1826, his eyesight declined rapidly and he became blind completely.

Notes of his lecture were taken by his son in colloquial style, and published in 1835 and afterward.

"Kyuo dowa," one of the books has a story which Kyuo discerned each disabled person's mentally aspects.

The story goes:
A long time ago, a blind man, a physically disabled man, and a Deaf man became intimate, and they drank together.

If the blind man sings, the physically disabled man takes rhythm by clapping his hands. The Deaf man stands and dance. They all enjoyed themselves.

While the three men are enjoying drinking, there was a fire in the neighborhood, and it was a big fire.

Although the blind man heard people crying, he did not know the direction to get off.

Although the physically disabled men found a blazing fire, he was already unable to stand up. The Deaf man had turned the back to the fire, and did not know what it was about at first. He was calm.

When the three men became desperate for escape, a man ran to them at this time, and had the blind man carry the coward physically disabled man on the back first, and then had the Deaf man took hold the blind man's hand.

The physically disabled man on the back pointed and taught the Deaf man where the exit was. He finally knew it was a fire, and was greatly surprised, pulling the hand of the blind man in hurry. They were able to get the fire through.

The story tells a lesson that it is important to help each other and cover a fault mutually.

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