Priest Takuan Sōhō describes the communication needs of the Deaf in Edo period

Takuan Sōhō

Tokai-ji Temple
Yellow pickled Daikon radish that carries the same name, "Takuan"

Takuan Sōhō (沢庵 宗彭:1573 -1645) was a major figure in the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism.

He was the first abbot of Tokai-ji Temple in Edo (now Tokyo), which was constructed especially for the shogunate, the Tokugawa family during Edo period (1600-1868).

He has also been credited with the invention of the yellow pickled Daikon radish that carries the same name, "Takuan," which most of the Japanese love to have.

Takuan, who wrote the essays well, states that even if a person is Deaf, he can understand what is said in writing.

He has proved that writing as a communication tool for the Deaf is valid for effective communication.

He also wanted to show that the Deaf are not necessarily stupid or incompetent, as well as communications between the Deaf and hearing persons are meaningful in writing for business.

Moreover, Takuan points out that educating the Deaf should be done with the use of visual clues including a character.


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