New bus friendly to the Deaf in Yamaguchi Prefecture

Deaf group tries on the sound and the sonority condition of sound in the magnetic loop loading bus.

October 20, 2011

In order that deaf and hard of hearing passengers use the bus in comfort, Hagi City in Yamaguchi Prefecture has carried the equipment which raises the sensitivity of a hearing-aid using magnetism to two updated "Hagi loop-line buses". They will begin operation on October 21.

According to city officials and the apparatus maker, the installation of the magnetic loop system to the bus is the first in the whole country.

With the system, the sound of an announcement in the bus or a chime is collected with a microphone, and a clear sound with less noise can catch with a hearing-aid through the magnetic loop antenna constructed under the floor of the bus.

This system has been progressively introduced even in the court of a lay judge trial, a theater, a concert hall, the movie theater, and the baseball field.

At the ceremony for the delivery of the buses on October 19, six Deaf persons rode on the bus for a trial. Yuki Yamamoto (68), president of the Hagi Society of the Deaf, changed the switch of the hearing-aid, and was surprised that she was able to hear the announcement clearly. "This kind of bus would be good for people who are elder and hard of hearing."

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