Name "Japan" discovered in China as possibly the oldest example

Name of "JAPAN" (日本)atop in center

October 22, 2011

The paper which introduces that an epitaph found in the ancient city, Hsian, in China has Chinese characters with "Japan" (日本) was published in China.

The epitaph is a slate in which the deceased's achievements are inscribed before being buried in the grave.

It is supposed that the epitaph found was made in 678.

It has been a big mystery of Japanese ancient history that when the name of the country "Japan" came to declare oneself.

Although the view that the name was used in Taiho Codes in 701 was leading, if the epitaph is a genuine article, it will go back further.

The Japanese call their country "Nippon" in Japanese, and write "Japan" in English.

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