Japanese group who developed wasabi alarm device awarded Ig Nobel Prize

Tajima Yukinobu (left) and IMAI Makoto tell joy prior to the Ig Nobel Prize ceremony at Harvard University.
(photo: http://www.shikoku-np.co.jp/kagawa_news/social/20111001000312)


The award ceremony which the "Ig Nobel Prize" is presented to the humorous scientific studies, etc. was opened in Harvard University at Cambridge,  Massachusetts on September 29.

Seven Japanese, including TAJIMA Yukinobu (57), Director of the Scent Marketing Association which developed the alarm device and IMAI Makoto (49), a Shiga Medical College lecturer, were awarded the chemistry prize jointly.

Japanese scientists have won the Ig Nobel Prize for five consecutive years. According to the prize secretariat, "the discovery of a suitable density of the Japanese horseradish (wasabi) in air to wake up those asleep in emergencies, such as a fire, and development of the Japanese horseradish alarm device using this" were highly evaluated as estimated to be "very unique and practical" this year.

Yukinobu said before the award ceremony, "I am really glad that our technology to alarm the Deaf about danger was evaluated in the world."

Also Makoto, an expert on sleep disorder,  said, "I was indeed surprised at the notice of the award."

As a company Shimusu located in Tokyo manufactured the alarm devices, President URUSHIHATA Naoki (46) was one of the recipients. Other two persons were from the Air Water Disaster Prevention (Kobe) which offered the portion of the gas injection machine.

The wasabi alarm devices were presented to the Kagawa prefecture School for the Deaf and the Kagawa Echo Academy for Deaf Children, both in Takamatsu City in April, 2009.

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