Hearing dog trainer from Taiwan studying training system in Japan

Rim Minkin (left) with the candidate dog visits Arima Moto, JHDD president (back), in Nagano Prefecture.
(photo: http://www.chunichi.co.jp/article/nagano/20111005/CK2011100502000115.html)

October 5, 2011

Rim Minkin (28), a hearing dog trainer for  the working dog project at the National Ping Tung Uiversity of Science and Technology in Taiwan, with her Taiwanese candidate dog is studying the training system at a government-certified organization the "Japan Hearing Dogs for the Deaf" (JHDD) located in Miyata-mura in Nagano Prefecture, for three days from October 4 to spread the hearing dog activity in Taiwan.

To train a hearing dog in a public transportation facility or a city area is required for the registration of a hearing dog based on an international standard. However, the law of Taiwan doesn't allow such training. So Rim has to visit Japan to study how to train the trainer and hearing dog training process in Japan in order to spread the activities in Taiwan.

ARIMA Moto, JHDD president, visited Taiwan in June, and trained the seven-month-old Taiwanese dog. The training will continue.

Rim said, "People need to understand about the hearing dog in my country. We want to enhance the knowledge to them." Arima encouraged her by saying, "The spread of hearing dogs will be accomplished for sure, if you do your best even in Taiwan."

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