Group of cochlea implant users requesting for financial support to Shiga Prefecture

October 20, 201l

NOSE Kihei, president of the Association of Persons with Cochlear Implant, and others visited the Shiga prefecture office on October 19, demanding the office to influence in the Government, etc. towards support of the purchase of the big-ticket main part of apparatus, or insurance application.

Nose and TOMIOKA Katsumi, vice president, said to the person in charge who received them in the office, "While there is support to the hearing-aid, the aid to the persons with cochlear implant is ceased if he gets serious, which is strange. We would like you to understand our actual situation." They submitted a letter of the request addressed to the governor.

According to the association, insurance for the cochlea implant is applied to required accessories, but not the main part of apparatus which costs around 1 million yen. This is a great burden for them when the apparatus is found to be a failure or updated.

It is said that there are 120-130 users in the prefecture, and that younger than 18 years old accounts for 60 percent.

The support system of the main part of apparatus is spreading in the country. There is also an example with support of the maximum of 1,100,000 yen in Kumamoto Prefecture. In the Shiga prefecture, Koka City is supporting the maximum of 200,000 yen.

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