Folk tale: Mute wife's pray answered

Ishiyama Temple in Shiga Prefecture

It is a well-known folk tale about a mute wife in Kyoto during the Heian period.

A long time ago, there was a mute woman who lived in Kyoto. Her parents already passed away and the nurse was taking care of her.

The mute woman married a man who was introduced by a certain match maker as he said that she was still young and beautiful.

However, the husband knew later that his wife was mute, so she went out to Ishiyama temple in Shiga Prefecture next to Kyoto and hide herself there.

The mute wife prayed to the Goddess of Mercy (the Goddess of Kannon) at the temple, "I heard that you fulfill the wish even it is difficult. Please cure my muteness so that I can speak."

While she was confined in the temple and prayed for several days, she met a Buddhist ascetic of Mt. Hiei who was coming for worship. She was able to speak in response to his incantation. The ascetic said it was because of the old evil spirit on her. The woman was glad with a tear, and presented the rosary of crystal to him as a gratitude.

On the other hand, the husband was never able to discover where his wife was, but with the faith, he had worshiped at the holy place here and there.

When he worshiped at Mt. Hiei in Shiga Prefecture near Kyoto, he met the Buddhist ascetic who carried the crystal rosary. He knew at once that his wife stayed in Ishiyama temple. So they happily got back together.

They believed this was the Kannon's divine favor, worshiped and served the Kannon further.

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