Encouraging picture presented to Fukushima School for the Deaf

 The picture shows the white stork which is said to send a fortune and an encouraging message in the center. (photo: http://www.kobe-np.co.jp/news/tajima/0004522579.shtml)

October 4, 2011

At the National School Principals Association meeting which was held after the earthquake disaster, the principal of the Fukushima Prefecture School explained the confused situation of the school at the time of disaster emerging.

UEDA, principal of the Toyooka School in western Japan who attended the meeting, had encountered the typhoon in October, 2004 when he was a vice-principal. Although the first floor of the school building was flooded and teaching materials and equipment sank, he received support and encouragement from schools for the Deaf all over the country.

For this devastating disaster, Ueda suggested that not only in the contribution, but "We would like to give support which gets across to the heart", and proposed to make something like a picture.

Twenty-four kindergartners and middle school students finished the colored paper work with one-thousand folded paper cranes over three weeks. They sent it to the Fukushima Prefecture School on October 3.

The topsoil of the schoolyard containing a radioactive material was removed in the Fukushima Prefecture School in August.
However, the physical education class in the outdoors is presently restricted partly.

Receiving the gift from Toyooka, the vice-principal said with a gratitude, "We feel the depth of bonds. Although we have still influence of the nuclear power plant disaster, we would like to do our best."

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