Deaf beggar drawn in old picture scroll (1712)

Although we can figure what the life of a person with disability was like those days, which is easily found in the corner of an old picture scroll and genre painting, it is hard to look for the Deaf person who does not appear in these materials.

A picture of the Deaf beggar is found in the 10th volume of the "Japanese-Chinese Illustrated Assemblage of the Three components of the Universe" (Wakan sansai zue: 和漢三才図絵). Also it includes a statement that describes about deafness and muteness.

The illustrated encyclopedia was edited by Terashima Royan (dates unknown), an Osaka physician, and completed in 1712. It includes chapters covering astronomy, geography, plants, clothing, implements, and other topics.

100 years later, Kobayashi Issa wrote a haiku poem about a Deaf beggar as mentioned in the previous blog.
 (Haiku poem on mute beggar in Edo period:

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