Caption system for Japanese movies developed

October 17, 2011

The Media Access Support Center, Inc. (MASC) has been working on the Japanese caption on a movie or DVD.

MASC has developed the caption system for Japanese movies jointly with a precision machinery maker, "Olympus". The system will be used for the first time at the "Tokyo International Film Festival" which will be open from October 22.

With the small head-mounted display (HMD) used like glasses, caption emerges in the space in front of the screen.

When the caption information is on the website of MASC and HMD is connected to a cell phone unit "iPhone", caption is sent through iPhone.

According to MASC, it is necessary to put in the name of a person before he or she speaks, or to explain sound effects, such as a footstep and a horn of a car, in written form in the movie for people who are Deaf or hard of hearing.

Because a captioned movie is very costly, such as 1 million yen or more per work, the number of captioned movies is limited. Out of 408 new Japanese films, only 51 have been captioned in 2010.

Also, especially there are few theaters in rural areas to show the captioned movie, and since caption on the screen is troublesome to the hearing audience, the captioned movie is usually shown for only two days in the metropolitan area.

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