Aoki Mokubei: famous deafened potter in Edo period

Aoki Mokubei (1767-1833) was a potter and literati painter in the Edo period.

He was born in Kyoto and his real name was Aoki Sahei.

At an early age he studied with the great scholar and seal carver Ko Fyo (1722-1784). He later studied pottery and soon became famous for his reproductions of classic Chinese-style ceramics. 

Mokubei (木米) had judged the temperature of the kiln with a sound emitted from the fire in it. Therefore, his ears always swelled up in red.

Literati painting
Since he didn't change the technique and continued chinaware making so that there was no time for complete recovery.

He lost hearing in later years and used his new name Robei (聾米: Deaf-bei) instead of Mokubei (木米).

He also gained fame for his literati paintings. 

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