Takeru no Miko: Mute Imperial Prince in Asuka period

Takeru no Miko (建皇子:651-658) was a member of the Imperial Family in the Asuka period. He was Emperor Tenchi's second prince, who as the "Nihon Shoki" (日本書紀) says, was mute, unable to speak.

There is a political struggle that might have influenced the prince for being mute. His mother was shocked to know that her father, a powerful politician, was executed by Nakano-oeno-oji (later Emperor Tenchi).  She at once became frantic out of the sadness, giving birth the imperial prince.

Takeru no Miko's grandmother and Emperor Saimei sympathized with him and loved him very much, as indicated by the "Nihon Shoki".

The mute prince lived a short life: he died at the age of 7. The Emperor ordered in sorrow, "When I pass away, bury together with my little prince." They are buried in the Emperor Saimei Mausoleum now as the will. The prince's aunt and his elder sister are also buried in the neighborhood.

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